may 10, 2009 07:53pm

A wide net

one the person person.png

I spent the evening debugging the first version of the Inference Utility, based off the Memory Browser which had a framework for loading the datafile under a thread. At present it takes 6 seconds to load 96000 entries, the dataset has 4000 triples

At the end of today's testing I feel I set the net too wide, after removing infinite loops in the recursive function and preventing matched items appearing twice, the resulting query took well over 5 minutes, on 4000 items; lots of interconnections. The first result for the search term "person" was:

nikov an angry person
it be, nikov
someone ate it

result 1 of person:
someone ate it.

Need to specify a relation, or only go one level down at a time. e.g. (list(is a, person). Considering my lack of reference material I've got a lot to figure out.

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