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april 25, 2009 03:42am

Memory Browser

04092009-04-19 mkv16 memory browser progress 2.png

To monitor the progress of my bot's learning, I spent last weekend developing a small memory browser utility to perform manual searches on the memory structures and see what my bot had been listening to.

The memory browser revealed that the 10 - 30 MB sample data files were slow to load (5-20 seconds), that the source paths were wrong, and that the ID strings were largely meaningless. This provided insight for how to improve the memory structure. I want to get the memory area right as early as possible so I'm not restricted later on when developing higher level functions.

Since this is the first post, for reference: mkv16 is a AI / bot project written in C# built from the ground up. I have so far used the Sharkbite.Thresher IRC library to connect to data sources as an interface to my bot's main function. I'm building it the bot around the idea of a central brain that makes decisions based on its memories. I intend to teach my bot things and have it make its own decisions based on the sum of its memories.

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